Asari Dokubo has always loved being in the news. He has spoken severally on national issues and he has also threatened fire and brimstone on several occasions. After the general elections which the APC and President Buhari won, Asari took to his Facebook page where he posted

” Mohammed Kabir Ibrahim your Buhari does not have the power to send any body to prison….get that into your piggy skull and nobody is afraid of him….We are waiting for him….following the example of GEJ does not make us cowards….If he Buhari wants to be a Pharaoh….then he will find a Moses in me.”
Asari Dokubo has identified with the current agitation by Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafria (IPOB). According to Dokubo, Ijaws are an integral part of Biafra. He appears not to want to beoutdone by this new wave led by Mr Nnamdi Kanu.
How will President Buhari’s administration handle this double thronged attack? We may even be correct to actually call it a triple pronged attack if we add the new ‘Odua Radio’ saga into the mix.
People called and still call Asari Dokubo a noise maker.People are calling Nnamdi Kanu a noise maker. Funny enough, President Buhari also called his ministers noise makers.
Is Nigeria safe with all these noise makers? Is it not time to retrace our steps and restructure this country so as to find lasting peace?
Please President Buhari, wedo not have to wait until things have gone too far.
Please swallow your pride and dialogue with these interest groups. You are ready to dialogue with a faceless Boko Haram sect, why not this group of agitators whose faces and demands are well known?