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DL Trending Song: Imagine – Noble ft Moxie(Prod. by
TeeDot unBEATen)

It is indeed good times for Nigerian artistes who have
their songs on MTN Music+, with more than N500m
in revenues paid over 8 months to artists that have
their songs on the platform. Beyond the financial
value the artistes get by having their songs on the
app, Music+ has also proven its worth of helping to
stem the scourge of piracy that has thus far plagued
the Nigerian music industry.

Riding on the success achieved so far, another big
bang opportunity has been opened for up-coming
Nigerian artistes as Music+ has launched an initiative
called ‘Next Rated.”
The MTN Music+ Next Rated channel is a special
feature on the Music+ app which will allow upcoming
music acts take advantage of over 1.6m active
subscribers that use MTN Music +.

DL Trending Song: Imagine – Noble ft Moxie(Prod. by TeeDot unBEATen)

With MTN Next Rated, upcoming musicians can
upload their music, gain exposure and build up a fan
base without the artists having to pay for the

To herald the introduction of Next Rated feature of
MTN Music+, MTN is organizing a special campaign
tagged The Music+ Next Rated Campaign. This is
targeted mostly at upcoming artists. All they need to
do is to upload their Music content on the Next Rated
section of MTN Music+.

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