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When a man is ready for marriage, there are
specific things he looks for in a woman before he
decides to commit. Typically, he keeps the criteria
for his ideal woman close to he vest.

While this strategy works great for him, it can
make dating and relationships frustrating and
dealing with your man can feel confusing.

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But by embracing the following 5 secrets, you’ll
be able to take your relationship to the next level
(if you’re dating), and prepare for the wife life if
you’re still waiting to be found by Mr. Right.

So, here are 5 things your future husband wished
you knew:

1. He needs your help and acceptance

Men don’t have it all together. Behind all that
swag, he has insecurities, weaknesses and fears
just like you. Don’t assume that his rough and
tough exterior means he is invincible. He needs
your help.

What does he need your help with?

To get the answer, you will need to:

Spend time getting to know your man to find
which areas need your help
Ask, don’t just assume

But, in general, men need help reaching their
goals and dreams.
They need help seeing their true potential.

They need you to give them insights into people
and situations so they aren’t taken advantage of.
They need you to bring your strengths, gifts,
talents, and abilities to the relationship to cover
their own weaknesses.

Your job is to be wise enough to know how to
help him without making him feel like a failure.

2. He wants you to listen to him

There are two important points here.

First, you might assume that your man doesn’t
need to be heard because he is a man of few

“Well, he won’t talk to me,” you say.

“I try to get him to tell me how he feels, and he
won’t say anything.” But 97% of all
communication is non-verbal, so only 3% is

If you’re only focusing on what’s coming out of
his mouth, you’re missing a whole lot.

Listen to his body language. He’s communicating
something to you all the time.

Second, when your man does talk, you need to
listen without:

inserting your opinion
correcting him
anticipating what he’s about to say

It may be hard to hear, but you should be
honored that he trusts you enough to share his
feelings with you.

3. He wants you to catch him doing something

Your man really wants to please you. But
sometimes, in his mind, nothing he does is good

That’s because we rarely focus on what people
do well. We live in a culture that is steeped in
criticism and judgement.

It’s rare for someone to tell you what you did
well. But everybody loves to be appreciated and
your man especially wants your encouragement.

4. He wants you to be confident

Good men love confident women.
Confidence and sexiness go hand in hand.

Because you’re confident, he knows he won’t
have to spend all his time trying to make you feel
good about yourself. Yes, he will appreciate you
and help you grow; and yes, he knows you’re not
perfect and will need him to cover your

But a man knows that a woman who doesn’t
know her own worth will quickly become a needy

5. He craves your respect

When I asked my husband how important respect
is to a man he told me, “No man wants to be

Respect is one way a man gives and receives
love. Respect is the language they use to
communicate with the world.
When your man feels respected, he feels like he is
honored and loved by his woman.

Many men have a tough exterior, but our words
and actions can hurt them just the same. When
you bring private issues into the public with jokes,
snide remarks and even negative body language
like snarls and frowns, a man feels disrespected.

He feels you’re making him look bad in front of
other people.
Respecting your husband is a very important way
of loving your husband. However, this doesn’t
come naturally to a wife.

It’s because we tend to focus on our own needs
first and we need to feel loved by our husbands.

But when you focus on meeting his needs, an
amazing thing happens: he finds it easier to focus
on you

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