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A man whose infant son was found dead in the
Connecticut River admitted tossing the boy from a
bridge before jumping into the water below, police

Tony Moreno was charged with murder in the death
of 7-month-old Aaden Moreno.

Moreno exchanged angry text messages with the
infant’s increasingly frantic mother in the minutes
before he jumped Sunday near midnight, according
to court filings. “Enjoy your new life without us,”
Moreno wrote before texting, “He’s dead.”

Moreno, 21, was arraigned at Hartford Hospital,
where he was treated after firefighters rescued him.
His bail was set at $2 million. Moreno’s public
defender did not immediately return a call seeking

Police went to the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown on
Sunday night after Moreno’s mother called 911 to
report that her son had called her from the bridge
with his son and said he was going to jump. After
officers arrived, they saw Moreno jump and found an
empty baby stroller, but did not see the infant.
The body of Aaden Moreno was found Tuesday night
near a bridge in East Haddam, south of where his
father jumped, after an extensive search involving
dive teams and helicopters.

Police said Moreno confessed on Monday after
initially refusing to speak with a detective. But after
the officer said police needed help finding the boy to
give him a proper funeral, Moreno nodded yes when
asked if he had dropped his son and started to cry,
according to police documents.

The officer said he used a basketball analogy to ask
how far the boy was thrown from the bridge’s railing.

“Tony said that it was more like a free throw distance
from the railing,” the officer said.

The boy’s mother, Adrianne Oyola, 19, filed for a
restraining order last month against Moreno amid a
bitter custody dispute. She said in the application that
Moreno “has told me he could make my son
disappear any time of the day. He told me how he
could me disappear.”

Superior Court Judge Barry Pinkus denied the
request for a permanent restraining order, saying at
a hearing on June 29 that the couple had a chaotic
relationship but he was not convinced there was a
“continuous threat” of physical injury.

Chief Court Administrator Patrick L. Carroll III said he
would not comment directly on Pinkus’ ruling but
noted it reflects the difficult decisions that judges
must make each day. He said even with a thorough
assessment of the evidence, “it is impossible for
judges to predict the future with certainty.”

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and other officials attended a
community vigil for the baby in Middletown on
Wednesday night. People lit candles outside the
South Green gazebo, and left stuffed animals and balloons

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