Someone sent this to us to Post for fans out there:-
It has been confirmed working and very Fast, Also it works
well on PC, Tablet and on every Internet enabled device.
Read along.
How Can I Get The Unlimited Data For N15 For 3Hours?
1. Dial *200# to migrate to easy starter
2. Migrate again to easy life by dialing *620*1#
3. Opt in now by dialing *229*3*7#
Thats it.
Advantages Of This Plan
1. Stream unlimited for 3hours.
2. Download till infinity
You can opt out with *227*0# even though opting out isn’t
so compulsory like that. If you’ve refused to opt out of the
plan it automatically auto renews the plan just as the Eti
PayG worked, so always opt out when necessary.
NOTE:- It is 3 hours of unlimited internet per #15 just like
Etisalat PayGo.
Be at ease cause it works on PC, Android, iPhone/iPad, even
BB10. You don’t need to modify anything, just open browser
and Enjoy.
Drop your Comment and Enjoy with other fans.
Incase of any Question, Ask and we know some Tech Geeks will surely assist you.