Scroguard™ is the first product sold in the
U.S. that is designed to cover the skin in the
genital area that is not covered by a
condom. It is worn with any condom to
reduce skin-to-skin contact in the typically
uncovered scrotum and pubic region.
Perfect for:

  • Casual sex partners and committed
    couples who want peace of mind.

  • Men with a high sex drive who enjoy
    sexual variety.
  • Couples and individuals who love to
  • Caution: This Product Contains Natural
    Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic

    More than 50% of sexually active
    Americans will get either genital herpes or
    HPV (source: CDC). Both STDs can spread to
    areas not covered by a condom through
    direct skin-to-skin contact and genital
    secretions, even from someone who has no
    visible warts or sores. Learn more at the
    following links:

  • Can Herbes Be Prevented With Condoms“(
  • Understanding Genital Herpes“(The New York Times)
  • Condoms not effective against HPV or Herpes” (San francisco Chronicle)
  • To reduce your risk of herpes or HPV, you
    should follow the CDC’s advice and consult
    your physician. Scroguard™ is not a medical
    device and has not been evaluated or
    approved by the U.S. Food and Drug
    Administration for the mitigation,
    treatment, or prevention of disease.

    Scroguard™ is impermeable to genital
    secretions and can be worn as a standalone
    product, or you can put it on underneath
    your favorite pair of boxers.
    Football players wear protective pads so
    they can play harder. Skiers wear helmets
    so they can go faster. Soldiers wear armor
    so they can excel in battle. Men wear
    Scroguard™ so they can enjoy sex to the
    fullest, while reducing skin-to-skin contact.
    We made Scroguard™ lightweight and
    comfortable so that it doesn’t interfere with
    your pleasure. Less worry. More fun. That’s
    our mission.


  • Disposable and washable
  • Wear with or without boxers
  • Premium quality latex
  • Reduces skin-to-skin contact in the
    scrotum and genital area
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Fits waists up to 48 inches
  • Discrete shipping
  • See Video