So, here is a new innovation for the men that
have a need to satisfy! It is called the
SCROGUARD. It guards the skin around your
privacies from all the other skin diseases that
the condom can’t keep away e.g genital warts
and herpes and other things the eyes cannot
see. it costs about N3,500. It is washable!


1. Put Scroguard™ on.
Before sex, put on Scroguard™. Fasten the
two buttons securely into place. Caution:
This Product Contains Natural Rubber
Latex Which May Cause Allergic

2. Put condom on.
When ready, put on a condom, being sure
to tuck the base of the condom inside
Scroguard™. Optional: Use an elastic cock
ring for a tigher fit.

3. Make love.
After sex, unfasten the two buttons of
Scroguard™ and remove. Then pull the
condom off.