OMG!! These twins are so cute! They are natural
supermodels! You’re so gonna love their pictures.
Check them out:

Meet identical twins Michael and Daniel Flora from
East London, who have become an internet sensation
after their mother, Jane, started posting pictures of
them posing in their identical outfits on Instagram.
They are stylish, confident, cute and really cool! Its
difficult to believe that they are only 3 years old!

Their mom, Jane Flora, said the brothers have enjoyed
being dressed in matching outfits since they were a just
over year old and have developed a flair for fashion.
Then they are not shy about posing in front of the
camera with the ease of a Burberry model.
She said:
‘The boys definitely have developed an interest in
fashion, whenever you dress them up they would use
the words “mummy can we strike a pose”. Whenever we
go out I can see people staring, because they are
intrigued by their outfits. They get lots of
compliments and people even ask to have photos with
Jane told MailOnline that they haven’t been
approached by any modelling agencies yet – but given
the boys’ style and poise, it is surely only a matter of
See more photos below: